Barry Plumpton's Australian Tour

5 July, 2019

Barry Plumpton shipped his car to Australia to see how he would go with more events under his belt. Starting out in Sydney in April, Barry's third full pass out of the container saw a PB of 6.04 at 238mph, which was also the quickest nitrous pass in Australia.

May saw testing at the Nitro Thunder test and tune, in Sydney. Barry recorded the first nitrous 5 in Australia, a 5.885 at 240.98 mph. Barry went on with a 5.967 at 237.67 mph to take the winners trophy.

June was the Winternationals at Willowbank. Barry qualified second with a 5.886 at 245.96 mph after an earlier 5.81 was disallowed as his opponents parachute took out the timing lights. In round 1, Barry got a bit loose in the top end and he had to lift to stop himself from crossing the centreline. Barry was not too unhappy with another three 5 second passes and a PB of 245.96mph.

Barry's last meeting was to be the Grudge Kings event in Sydney, where he was the poster boy, but bad weather caused the event to be postponed and Barry could not attend the rerun.

Grudge Kings event poster in Sydney