Gary Benham has upgraded his 1951 FX Holden ute

Gary Benham. 1951 FX Holden Ute

Gary Benham's Holden ute doesn't look like this any more.
[Photo by Fast-az Photos]

In preparation for the upcoming 2015/16 season, Gary Benham has worked over the motor in his 1951 FX Holden ute. The most obvious change is the addition of a Fowler K11 supercharger, topped by a Knut carbon fibre hat. Gary is not saying what he has done to the 509 Chev's internals.

Externally, larger 33.5x17x16 Weld beadlocks have replaced the former 16x15 rear wheels. Body mods were necessary to house the 17" wide tyres and Gary also lowered the rear end 2" to improve the overall look. A Liberty air shifter now controls the four speed Lenco.

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